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A pretty awesome guy that will always be there for you. He is always funny and never runs out of witty comments to make. He's incredibly good looking but doesn't flaunt it.
Ayrton will always treat a girl right no matter what. He knows how to care and show emotions and is never a jerk.
Never be afraid to talk to an Ayrton, he's kind and respectful to anyone.
You talk to Ayrton yet? He treated me like a Princess!
by JustWannaMakeYourDay January 22, 2012
The most caring/loving person you will ever meet. He is often mistreated due to his looks, but underneath he has the biggest heart this world has to see. He never leaves someone when they're upset or in pain. He's willing to take risks for someones health. He is by far the most loveable guy to meet. There will never be another guy like him. If you are lucky enough to land yourself in his arms, treasure it.
Person 1: Oh look it's Ayrton. -laughs-
Person 2: Stfu, he's a babe. Go home.
by BellesBunny January 22, 2012
ayrton senna (dead ace brazilian F1 driver) = tenner
Dave mate...lend us an ayrton so I can go to the pub
by nick February 20, 2004
the best guy you could find, always makes u smile even when your at the worst moment of your life, he will always star into your eyes and say how beautiful you are to him, he will always be willing to give you guys and kisses, he has the best looking eyes and body out there!!! e will always protect you in any fights with anyone, he will also make you feel beautiful naked when you feel like your fat :) if you find one.... keep him!

love you ayrton for eternity <3 xoxoxo
i finally found my ayrton xoxo
by ninalovesayrton May 09, 2014
Doesn't care about almost everything but he loves to cuddle. Loves to look manly but has a secret fluffy side which only few get to see. Favourite thing to eat is pasta and favourite drink to make is tea. Has a nice ass and can show a girl a good time. He is pretty lazy and after a sexy session he gets easily tired. Looks hot wearing hats.
Girl1 : Look at that ass *gasps*
Girl2 : That's an Ayrton!
by Noneofyourbeeswax May 02, 2013
A kid who normally jacks off to porn, and gets caught by his mother because he forgot his ipod in the bathroom which he looked at porn on.
God dangit guys, I forgot to turn off my ipod when I was done looking at porn and my mom caught me, I pulled an Ayrton again!
by tajjj24 April 09, 2010
An absolutely massive dickface with no friends, penis and a really bad skin disease which makes him look like a retarded leapord
Adam: Ayrton is such a dick face.
Angus: Agreed
by AyrtonHater April 20, 2011

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