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everyone's favourite asshole
axl rose is an asshole. what more can be said?
by Iskander April 23, 2007
One who is an extremely unsafe yet on-time driver. Characterized by a floored gas pedal and a hand on the horn at all times.
I was going to late for my tour of Giza but this Egyptian Taxi Driver got me there in no time.

-David: oh no, the airport is ten miles away and...
-Ahmed: we are a-here sir.
-David: nice!
by Iskander April 20, 2007
alt. spelling "Kalewski"

a simple "comfort-food" type of dish comprised of spaghetti cooked, and then fried with Ritz cracker crumbs. Served hot with ketchup on top. Delicious.
hey man whip up somma dat klewski for me. i am hungry as a muthafukca.
by Iskander April 24, 2007

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