1. Red-haired, volatile lead singer of the rock band Guns N' Roses. Back in the 80s he was good-looking, but now he's had Botox and cornrows and he looks terrible. However, he has an amazing voice and a talent for songwriting- he is responsible for some of the greatest rock songs of all time such as Sweet Child O' Mine and Paradise City. Became an arsehole and ruined a lot of people's memories of the band by carrying on without the other original members. Often turns up late to concerts, if he turns up at all, and has been recording the still unreleased album Chinese Democracy for ten years. Axl is known for his nasty temper and for being aggressive both physically and verbally, however, this may be due to the abuse he allegedly suffered during his childhood in Indiana. Has always had terrible dress sense, can't dance at all, but is still one of the best rock frontmen ever.

2. A person who has a massive ego and acts like a bit of a tit.

3. Any ginger person who brags about being in a band.

4. The Axl Dance: The act of dancing around on stage, holding a mike stand and swinging it about, almost knocking out a guitarist. Also a dance where your limbs are wobbly and going in all directions, done to any Guns N' Roses song but preferably Sweet Child O' Mine.
1. Damn, Axl Rose should just pull his finger out and release that album.

2. For fuck's sake, stop being such an Axl.

3. Look at him on that stage, who does he think he is, Axl Rose?

4. (Me and my matesat any party where GN'R get played)Axl dance!!! *dance like fools with wobbly legs*
by gembird November 30, 2006
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A great frontman for the great rock band, Guns N' Fucking Roses. Unfortunately, he became a meglomaniac cunt who drove the rest of the band apart and replaced them with a bunch of nobodies. Having fallen far from his former greatness, he should be shot. Multiple times.
Cunt: 1) Vagina 2) A moron 3) Axl Rose post 1992
by Scondren March 09, 2005
Frontman of Guns N' Roses, the greatest Rock N' Roll band from the late 80's and early 90's. Axl Rose is a Legendary Rock-superstar, a genius musician, the best singer ever, yet the most dangerous.
Estranged, November Rain, Coma, and many many others
by Trini May 10, 2004
A misunderstood genius and a front man for one of the greatest bands of all time: Guns N' Roses.
You may hate him, but he doesn't care.
by W.AR May 09, 2005
The reason why Rock N Roll ain't for nice guys. he is the ultimate rock star, but as time moved on, he seemed to enjoy his house more than the rest of world. and getting him out of his malibu mansion ain't an easy job.
never the less and Rock N Roll god from the golden era of true rock... the world would be better with Axl putting out records and touring again.
Estranged, Madagascar, The Blues, November Rain, Coma
by Johnny Knocksville May 10, 2004
A legend in his own right, same as Slash and Duff, the other two greats of GnR. A red-haired rock-GOD with a temper to match, who can be sexy, dangerous and sweet, all in the space of a song. His style, attitude, and voice is like nothing the world has ever known before and ever will again. As you can see, I am, along with millions of others, a fan.
Axl is God. End of story.
by RocketQueen April 21, 2004
Axl is the best frontman of the world.
His voice is admirable. Axl is the best singer. Axl is unique.
Axl is like the Sun. We can not live without him.
by Pamela June 05, 2004
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