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Lead guitarist for Avenged Sevenfold, a Californian metal band. It's obvious from his clothing and style of playing that he has been greatly influenced by Slash of Guns N' Roses- which isn't surprising as A7X are huge fans of GN'R. Often wears a hat and a lot of eyeliner.

Damn sexy too ;)
Seize The Day and Beast And The Harlot are good examples of how Synyster Gates can play both slow and fast songs and make both styles sound amazing.
by gembird May 14, 2007
1) Prom in the USA is a big event at the end of the last year at school. The general idea for most students is to get as drunk as possible and lose your virginity, possibly, but not necessarily, to the person who is your date. Anyone who is going to be able to handle the real world will either hate the prom or just won't go.

2) In the UK prom is a similar event, but much lower-scale; ie. held in the school or a nasty village hall in the middle of nowhere. The basic principle is the same: terrible music, a shoddy yearbook, cool kids being even more horrible and shallow than usual and humiliation for the lame kids. if you have any intentions of losing your virginity after the UK prom, you are very much mistaken. The likelyhood is that you either go with a friend of the opposite sex because neither of you could get a real date, or you get a real date who ends up leaving with your slutty friend. The food gives you diarrhea, or you puke from too much cheap alcohol, or (if you are a girl) you will get your period and everyone will see. The night ends with an after party usually, where somebody's house gets trashed- if anyone is going to lose their virginity at all, it'll happen here. Classy.
1) OMG, I like sooo can't wait until prom night!

2)Cool kid: Urgh, do you seriously think he's gonna want to go to prom with you?
Lame kid: No. Hence me not going, seeing as you're just going to have sex with him to spite me anyway.
by gembird November 22, 2006
1. Red-haired, volatile lead singer of the rock band Guns N' Roses. Back in the 80s he was good-looking, but now he's had Botox and cornrows and he looks terrible. However, he has an amazing voice and a talent for songwriting- he is responsible for some of the greatest rock songs of all time such as Sweet Child O' Mine and Paradise City. Became an arsehole and ruined a lot of people's memories of the band by carrying on without the other original members. Often turns up late to concerts, if he turns up at all, and has been recording the still unreleased album Chinese Democracy for ten years. Axl is known for his nasty temper and for being aggressive both physically and verbally, however, this may be due to the abuse he allegedly suffered during his childhood in Indiana. Has always had terrible dress sense, can't dance at all, but is still one of the best rock frontmen ever.

2. A person who has a massive ego and acts like a bit of a tit.

3. Any ginger person who brags about being in a band.

4. The Axl Dance: The act of dancing around on stage, holding a mike stand and swinging it about, almost knocking out a guitarist. Also a dance where your limbs are wobbly and going in all directions, done to any Guns N' Roses song but preferably Sweet Child O' Mine.
1. Damn, Axl Rose should just pull his finger out and release that album.

2. For fuck's sake, stop being such an Axl.

3. Look at him on that stage, who does he think he is, Axl Rose?

4. (Me and my matesat any party where GN'R get played)Axl dance!!! *dance like fools with wobbly legs*
by gembird November 30, 2006
A song by Stephen Lynch about the boy of the same name. Special Ed is... well... a little bit special. He runs into walls, eats dirt and smacks his best friend in the head with a brick, causing him to become special too.
Special Ed
Mama dropped him on his head
Now he's not so bright, instead
He's a little bit special
by gembird May 13, 2007
Hair metal is a sub genre of heavy metal which is more chart-oriented than a lot of other rock music. It's often criticised for being entirely based on image and for the musicians being crap. However, the truth is that all genres of music have an associated image; even grunge has its own anti-fashions. The image of the hair metal bands was tight spandex or leather trousers, eye makeup, and long, dyed black or blonde hair, styled with lots of spray to make it look bigger. The required effect was to look like a slightly ugly girl, or in the case of some, a rather attractive girl. In fact, the Aerosmith song Dude Looks Like A Lady was written about Vince Neil, the singer from Motley Crue.

The hair metal genre started because a generation of young people were influenced by Aerosmith and the New York Dolls. Bands in the genre include Hanoi Rocks, Motley Crue, Skid Row, Europe, Bon Jovi (more for the sound than the image) and even Aerosmith themselves when they made their late 80s comeback. To clear up any misunderstandings: Guns N' Roses originally came from the hair metal scene, but had more success than a lot of the other bands because their music was more varied in style and in the theme of the lyrics, so they appealed to people who didn't like hair metal. I would say that GNR are probably the crossover point between hair metal and straight-up heavy metal.

Grunge is said to have killed hair metal, however,many of the hair metal bands are now making a comeback with reunion tours and new albums. The exceptions to this are Bon Jovi, who survived the 90s with a similar amount of success to before, and Guns N' Roses, who basically would have imploded whatever else was going on in the music scene.

Generally the hair metal bands tended to be quite badly behaved- at some point, a lot of the musicians have been involved in drug addiction or alcoholism. For example, during the late 80s every single member of both Motley Crue and Guns N' Roses was addicted to either heroin or alcohol, and Slash was addicted to both, drinking two bottles of whisky every day. Nikki Sixx actually died in an ambulance after a heroin overdose, but was revived with an injection of adrenaline into his heart. This led to the album 'Kickstart My Heart'.

Hair metal tends not to be taken seriously as a genre of music because its lyrics are seen as offensive or stupid. The songs often sound very similar to each other, and there is in fact a particular 'whiny' style of guitar solo that is recognisable in a lot of these songs, although this is partly due to several of the most famous guitarists all using Gibson Les Paul guitars. To be honest, I think that music is there to be enjoyed, and hair metal was written by young guys who wanted to have a good time. It just happens that like a lot of young guys, their idea of fun was to go out and drink, party and get girls. Also- if you don't like it, you don't have to listen to it!
1. Girls, Girls, Girls by Motley Crue is a perfect example of a hair metal song- the video has strippers and motorbikes.

2. The hair metal image of big hair and tight trousers is being brought back by bands such as Towers of London.
by gembird November 26, 2006

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