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Awesome + Epic, created one night while extremely tired.
Basically, started off as awesome but somehow ended with epic.
Diana, this conversation is pretty awpic. Wait, did I just say awpic? Hahaha, I think we should go to sleep!
by Bleh13321 December 23, 2009

The only way to define something so blindingly superior to everything else in existence, coined by an enlightened university student whose intelligence and wisdom are rivaled only by Einstein and Socrates.
"The bass in the song Dance by Big Sean is awpic!"

"Woah, Amber Ice gets you stoned off one hit... that is awpic!"
by ProudToBeAStoner420 October 11, 2011
When something is both awesome and epic it is AwPic
Yo dude did you see those pic of Jennifer Lawrence that shit is AwPic
by Ammo83 September 03, 2014
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