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A word that just saying can create awkward connotations and thoughts.
"My favorite awkword is moist. Masticate is another good one."
by das dude April 27, 2007
A word that just by being said makes things awkward. A word that makes people feel uncomfortable.
Everyone is sitting quietly taking a test, when suddenly, someone yells: "DIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLDDDDDDOOOO!!!!"

The teacher's face turns crimson red with embarassment. It is silent for a full minute, then the class bursts out laughing.

by karatechopkid October 12, 2011
an awkward word. any word that makes you feel uneasy
'punani'..ewww thats an awkword
by Gwen dude hey January 07, 2011
A word that sounds like it means something very awkward but is actually pretty mundane.
Some awkwords:

Justin: Hey, can you help me with French? I can't remember all the dipthongs!
David: Sure, after I finish masticating my sandwich.
by OminousT June 14, 2009
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