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An group of teenagers in Montgomery County, Maryland who make comedic YouTube videos. They are rapidly gaining popularity and seem to be an up-and-coming force in the YouTube industry.
Steve: Hey, have you heard of Awkweirdos

Jimmy: Shut up Steve! But yeah, I have, they're hilarious!
by maryland269 July 25, 2011
1) A person who is awkweird.

2) A cross between a weirdo and awkward.
Brendon- Hey, did you see that guy who Brendon Urie'd me yesterday?
Patrick- Yeah, that guy had some 'Ssues.
Brendon- It was so freaky, 'cuz he came up to me and said 'Sorry I bottled you, bro'. He was really nervous.
Patrick- What a Awkweirdo!
Brendon- Yeahs, he's a 'tard and a freako, too.
by Mizz_Fit October 05, 2006
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