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A cross between bored and lazy. Used mainly over the weekends.
Jessica- Hey.
Adrianna- What's up?
Jessica- Nothing much, just being blored.
Adrianna- Don't you have a garage to clean?
Jessica- Yeah, but I'm busy right now.
Adrianna- With what?
Jessica- Weren't you paying attention? I'm busy being blored!
by Mizz_Fit October 13, 2006
The abrevation for What's Down, instead of What's Up. Used mainly by Dee Dee Dees always answer What's Up with 'The Celing'
Amelio- Hey, M-Ozzy, 'Sdown?
M-Ozzy- The floor.
by Mizz_Fit November 05, 2006
1) A person who is awkweird.

2) A cross between a weirdo and awkward.
Brendon- Hey, did you see that guy who Brendon Urie'd me yesterday?
Patrick- Yeah, that guy had some 'Ssues.
Brendon- It was so freaky, 'cuz he came up to me and said 'Sorry I bottled you, bro'. He was really nervous.
Patrick- What a Awkweirdo!
Brendon- Yeahs, he's a 'tard and a freako, too.
by Mizz_Fit October 05, 2006
A shorter form of the word issues. If you're too cool for Issues, 'Ssues is the "gangsta" vertion of issues
Brendon- Wow, that guy looks sad.
SpongeBob- Yeah, he lost five bucks because he bet on the wrong team.
Brendon- He's a feeko and i'm pretty sure he's got more 'ssues than National Geographic. I'm serious.
SpongeBob- I see. And you are suprised because...?
by Mizz_Fit October 05, 2006

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