The power of booty shaking that is silently kicking you in the ass and looking good as well.
Peter had never been so euphoric to be in the presence of nor felt so much disparity to be excluded from the ecstacy of Awesomer.
by Rockasaurus March 17, 2004
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to be even more awesome than the person or thing that is awesome.
TJ is awesomer then katrina, who is awesome.
by katrina elise January 02, 2007
Something that is more awesome than awesome but not awesome enough to be the awesomest.
Dude, that hoodie is so much awesomer than your old one.
by Jamie/baka January 07, 2009
to be way more better than awesome
I have a friend named Bernadette, she is awesomer than my friend Tony.
by bubz_and_doufis February 13, 2010
Better than the term awesome. It has more cool, interest and fabulous added to it. Only used to describe something more descriptive than the words fantastic, so cool, wicked, etc, that you just have to say awesome with an r! Awesomer is the word to use when you're stuck on "what to say" at the moment, to describe your excitement.
Mother: Happy 14th birthday, you can get a tattoo!
Son: OMGGGG you're awesomerrrrrr mom!

"We can find something awesomer to do.."

Person 1: I've been trying to get pregnant for years now..and it finally worked!
Person 2: "omg, I don't know what to say..that's...that's awesomer!
by TriniTish13 December 06, 2011
More than awesome.
Better than the last time you tried.
You're awesomer .
You get more awesomer each time you play the game.
by Johnny B Good 444 August 11, 2013
Noun. Derivative of "Awesome", used to assert ones awesome, or the awesome of an object. No to be confused with the adjective "awesomer".
I'm awesomer.

This pie is awesomer, get your mum to bake some more.

Your armpits are anything but awesomer.
by Nick August 09, 2004
beyond awesome! spectacular and amazing! just plain great! :)
Marie you are Awesomer!
by The_Orange_Unicycle December 01, 2010

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