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A person or thing that is more awesome then anything. An emphasis on better than awesome.
Kelsey is awesomer she is such a beast with those guns.

by Paul Blart. February 02, 2009
To be above average in the class of awsome
"but you did so ur even Awesomer"
by zadayoch January 17, 2006
the act of making more awesome; to compare awesomeness.
I am more awesomer. Being wierd is awesomer than being normal
by awesomer man January 31, 2011
better then awesome...... less then awesomest
"i went out on friday night".... "oh really!.. thats awesomer"
by HONEY257 February 05, 2010
When one is comparing an "awesome" object or subject to another
Candace: Those shorts are way awesomer than those shoes.

Kim: Totally and completely agree! Way awesomer.
by Kristella May 08, 2008
The Process Of Being Ten Times More Awesome Than Something Else.
"Escape The Fate Is So Much More Awesomer Than Fall Out Boy."
by ToriiDearrr April 19, 2008
Hans is way awesome-er than marrielle!
Hans awesomer than marielle
by Awesome6475 May 13, 2011