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Avatar, aka Dances with Smurfs, is an overrated and completely self-indulgent three hour Greenpeace commercial from hack director James Cameron, a director so talented and visionary that he needed half a billion dollars to make a "test movie" with some shitty digital 3D equipment he made, with a cliche story that rips off Fern Gully and Pocahontas. It is loved by many furries and philistines for its giant blue cat people, flashy CGI, and pointless 3D effects. and as if Cameron's ego wasn't over inflated enough as it is, it is now the highest grossing movie ever, surpassing his other overrated piece of crap, Titanic.
Jurassic Park had more realistic CGI than Avatar and that movie was made in 1993
by cinephile November 06, 2010
10 5
Make your girl wear a ponytail and bang her doggiestyle. When you're about to cum, mount on her back, stick your cock in her ponytail and cum in her ponytail to establish a connection (similar to how avatar/navi's use their ponytails to connect with creatures in Pandora).
I tapped that ass Avatar style.
by wleecoo March 02, 2010
1339 468
A long ass movie that was basically Pocahontas played by Halo characters.
"What did you think of Avatar?"

"It was 3 hours of predictable Pocahontas/Halo garbage."
by Clint Bubbles January 12, 2010
704 288
One who has power over the 4 elements of life. Water, Earth, Fire, Air/wind.
The avatar has many powers.
by kyoko May 03, 2005
812 431
An icon which represents a user in a virtual reality/Internet setting, currently attempted with varying success. The term is adopted from Neal Stephenson; another word used for the same concept is Rudy Rucker's term "tuxedo."
First used from an Internet perspective in 1992 in SNOW CRASH, by Neal Stephenson, in one of those self-fulfilling SF prophecies. Stephenson got the name from the Hindu concept of avatars, which are the personification of various deities or entities.
by LarstaiT November 06, 2003
521 297
A 2009 movie by James Cameron that is basically Pocahontas dipped in blue paint and exposed to enough radiation to make them grow 10 feet tall and ride dragon-birds, space llamas, and listen to the "flying jellyfish".
"Hey have you ever seen Pocahontas?"

"oh you mean Avatar, the movie with that giant blue girl who falls in love with a human and worships trees?"
by The River Wolf February 11, 2010
264 99
Being environmentally too friendly. Coming from James Cameron's movie "Avatar"
Dude did you just throw that paper in a NON RECYCLING bin?!

WOAH, Avatar chill
by MiggyChan January 26, 2010
343 194
1) A small picture beneath a persons username in posts on forums.
2) Some kind of incarnation of a god.
1) user's avatar is a piece of crap.
2) Fear the Avatar of Zeus!
by Anon. October 03, 2003
333 212