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A style of drum & bass (usually around 170bpm) devised by music heavyweights dBridge (of Bad Company) and Instra:Mental. The style of music fuses drum & bass with many other genres such as ambient, 80's and soundscape. The style has now become increasingly popular due to the podcast series and many artists from different genres have begun creating Autonomic based music. These include Skream, Actress, Lowtec, Spectrasoul, Indigo, Synkro & Joe Seven.
Exampes of artists producing the Autonomic sound include dBridge, ASC, Consequence, They Live, Instra:mental, Scuba, Code 3, Dan Habernam, Vaccine etc.
by Obey. April 13, 2011
A word referring to the autonomic nervouse system. This is a word I can't pronounce and that is why I came and looked at this website.
That is an autonomic reaction.
by Nick January 05, 2005
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