when someone who is autistic does something fantastic
Dude: did you see what that autistic person just did!!

Other dude: Definitely have to go to K Mart for underwear.

Dude: that was autastic I tell ya! How much would you pay to see someone do that again?

Other dude: 'bout a hundred dollars. Ya, definitely a hundred dollars.
by Seatthell May 03, 2008
Top Definition
A fantastic & Autistic] (or ASD related) state of being. Descriptive of the times as follows.
It's when I stim] in church as a form of praise, and when my family I chose for myself accepts me as I am.

It's when Daniel Tammet recited Pi to the 22k something decimal point, when Microsoft was founded, and Temple Grandin grew up.

It's when Hollywood portrays my brain cousins accurately, and one of us gets to interrupt somebody comparing us all to Raymond Babbit.

It's when we get awards for doing something that we specialize in.

It's when our enhanced honesty gets rewarded.

It's when our speciality brings a great joy that not many at all can understand.

Autastic is when we do something awesome, like taking exactly one 3 hour flight over Rome, and drawing it in near perfect detail. Pulling a Stephen Wiltshire
by Book Lover March 18, 2010
when an autistic person is fantastic
Chris: Did you hear about Roger?
Me: The autistic kid? No what happened?
Chris: Well... lets just say he is pretty autastic.
by Lars Hoag January 02, 2012
Adjective; given to someone to describe something amazing, that is done by someone whom is less than amazing.
Rain man drops 2 dimes and a nickel and knows that it is 25 cents, when you ask him what he can buy for that he responds:" a car." to which you respond "wow, that is autastic."
by ryan k3 February 08, 2011
A highly intelligent but socially inept person. Often exhibits traits similar to that found in people with Asperger syndrome.
Steve Jobs may be fantastic, but Bill Gates is autastic.
by sunstroked March 08, 2009
Something so great that it causes all who witness it to become autistic momentarily.
Holy shit! That was autastic...derrrr
by Infant Messiah February 19, 2008
1) Something so stupid that it ends up being great anyway.

2) a fantastic autistic person...
(friend does something stupid) "hey man, your autastic...!"
by D13 1n a F123 April 06, 2007

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