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The capitol of Texas as well as the Live Music Capitol of the World. Home to the University of Texas Longhorns. Not to be associated with the rest of Texas considering its complete superiority to the backwater conservatives in the rest of the state; Austin is liberal and proud.
Hot Spots:
Sixth Street
Barton Springs
The Drag
We're going to Austin for SXSW.
by Austin Kid July 28, 2005
Oh dear, Austin is a complicated, fun, loving, sweet, adorable, sexy, cute, willing, comforting, and all around good guy. He thinks he is the worst person in the world, but he is really, truly, a total sweetheart. His eyes are to die for! And you might fall inlove with his voice. He may not know it, but he says some of the most romantic things at the right time. Even though most girls like a guy that can make another guy bleed, Austin is a pacifist. The worst part of this is that usually a lot of guys don't like him and try to pick fights with him. A lot of people(guys) like to talk a lot of crap on him, and it gets depressing, but he always gets through it. He is best friends with some of the weirdest people. And he will always be afraid of getting hurt. He wants to be a pirate, silly boy, and he is just amasing. It may be complicated to get to hang out with him if you never have before, but soon enough you will see him. And never regret it. If you know a guy like this Austin, go for it. He will be totally worth it, and he will know that you're worth it too, eventually.
Dude, did you see his eyes?

Of course! Totally an Austin.
:; Oh my gosh! He was SO adorable.
I know!! Austin for suree.
by IloveyouAustin<3 July 04, 2011
Noun. The absolute BEST boyfriend ever! Sweetest man on earth and so easy to talk to. An astounding lover and friend. The Prince Charming that every girl wants. Thoughtful, handsome, attractive(like a magnet!), funny, loving, kind, delightful, delicious, delovely. Oh....and he has the best ass you've ever seen.
"He's definitely a keeper. I mean look at him! He's an Austin."
"I've finally found my Austin."
by ~Bashes December 02, 2010
A very hot guy, That has an awesome 8 pack. A huge cock. Knows how to respect someone. Sweet kind loving. Would give his life for the one he loves.
I saw Austin and he was shirtless.
by devilchild1496 November 10, 2010
A sweetheart of a guy who can light up anyone's day with his jokes. Austin may not be the most popular guy but is definitely the coolest. He's easy going, easy to talk to, funny, cute, incredibly fit, smart and wise beyond his years. He's a little shy but insanely outgoing around his friends. He can make anyone laugh, knows how to treat a girl right and is loves cuddling. He genuinely cares about everyone he loves and loves everyone. If you get to really know him you'll realize he's a deep, insecure and one of the most amazing friends you will ever make in your entire life. He'd make the most amazing boyfriend in the history of man-kind He's also incredibly brave and isn't afraid to fight for what he believes in or wants. If you ever have the privileged to have him in your life don't take it for granted and never let go of him as a friend or anything else. He knows what to say, when to say it, and how to say it. He's a good listener and gives the best advice. He never judges or makes you feel like you're nothing. He has the most beautiful blue eyes you've ever seen and is the easiest person to love ever. He's pretty much every girl's dream guy and more. Incredibly rare down to earth human being and is just plain awesome. Words can't describe this dude.
Girl1: I need a guy who can always be there for me and really cares...

Girl2: Giiirrrrlll get cho' self an Austin!!
by diamondeyedcanadiangirl September 26, 2012
A wicked chill bro that drops the "N" bomb a lot.
"That kid is such an Austin, he's so chill and he's racist"
by Aut Bot March 19, 2009
A very quiet, private guy who has amazing looks. Huge muscles. Tends to not talk to many people. Has a hot smile, doesn't date many girls, doesn't seem to be at any dances or public areas other than school. Is shyish, but very smart, and always has his eye on one girl and one girl only. Austins are known to have a very big penis, and is amazing in bed, but covers your mouth when you scream his name. Also amazing kissers who are not experienced, but still make you fall head over heels for him.
girl 1: Dude look at Austin over there by himself! He is so hot and quiet, how come Austin isn't a manwhore like the rest?
girl 2: I dont know like Austin has huge muscles though. Maybe Austin works out and just isn't into girls yet.
girl 1: ohh I want Austin in bed!!
by Justine(: July 10, 2011