An amazing boy that makes my heart pound everytime I see him. I don't love him, but I miss him, I wish we had another chance. Btw, austin's cock is huge.
The only thing better than spending time with him is messing with his cock, I love austin.
by iwillalwaysloveyouaustin March 11, 2009
The guy who treats every girl in the best way, he has the best eyes, the best hugs and the best smile. He never plays girls, ever and has the best friends. He has a bit of a short temper but never holds grudges. He's that guy you can talk to about anything and everything he's the one who will make you feel better when your down and always knows what to say. And I may or may not love him in every way.
That boy is so sweet, he must be an Austin
by That girl over there, September 10, 2011
1. The Capital of Texas.

2. A guy that's good in bed, despite a less than great appearance.
He sure looked uncool, but he was Austin in bed. He fucked me all night long!
by Danny Berry June 15, 2004
Austin- a really sweet guy , with an amazing personality and a really hot guy ; like the hottest guy in the school ... and mostly mistaken for a big jerk/jock , but is a reeally sweet and sensitive (: and usually a phenomenal kisser .
Boyy austin is soo hot.... YUM .
by SEEXYY . April 18, 2011
a guy who can make your heart pound like no one else. whos super cute with the sweetest voice imaginable(like David Archuleta) whos ripped, popular, and might be the love of your life.
What your leaving me? Yep Austin just walked by!
by he got that super bass December 14, 2010
The best name ever. If you aquired this name you are defined as epic and god-related. If you have this name you are going to be the next actor, the next John Lennon, the Next President (one that actually is awesome), or the creator for the AIDS and Cancer vacine. If your name is something else your considered not as epic as Austin, Since Austin is the capital of Texas. When your the capital of the state that everything is big, then you truely are epic.
Hey, what's your name?!

My name is Austin!

Wow! That name is legendary!
by BloodyOps13 November 19, 2009
The most amazing guy in the world. He will do anything for you and love doing it! For instance if he stops by quick-trip to buy you a snack and you tell him what you want no matter how picky you are he will remember what you want forever. And he will randomly surprise you with your favorite Chips and drink when you least expect it. Or if you are sad he will take whatever is hurting you and fix it. He has dark wavy hair and brown eyes but when he's really happy they turn hazel :). If you are dating him, be ready to fall in love because you have just met the perfect guy in the world!
Austin: So i think i like you....
Girl: Oh.....
Austin: What?
Girl: I think i love you.....


Austin: So you know i like you right
Girl: Yeah i do.... and i just don't really feel the same way....
Austin: Oh.....
Girl: I'm so sorry...
Austin: it's okay... you've done nothing wrong....
Girl *Worst Mistake of my Life*
by I love Austin! i love Austin! November 11, 2010

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