A wicked chill bro that drops the "N" bomb a lot.
"That kid is such an Austin, he's so chill and he's racist"
by Aut Bot March 19, 2009
A one-of-a-kind type of guy.

The kind that sweeps you off your feet with a smile. Makes you blush with just one look and makes your day better in an instant.
He asks about your day and doesn't settle for the "Nothing is wrong" response. Has a word that he uses often like "Wonderful" or "Lowlife" or other words.

Hates liars and hates when you don't tell him things.
Drives a truck and is the Ideal country boy.
A gentleman and a guy who you wish would be your boyfriend.
Often confused about his feelings and can't seem to make up his mind. If he breaks your heart, it will hurt.
girl 1: I wish I had my own Austin; you are so lucky to have him!

girl 2: I know.
by C.S.119 December 30, 2011
1. The capital of the state of Texas and 4th largest state capital by population.
2. 4th largest city in Texas and seat of Travis county.
3. The "live" music capital of the country. Just look at Austin City Limits.
4. home to the University of Texas
5. Thanks to the University, has one of the youngest, hippest, most educated populations in the country. Not to mention:
6. a whole slew of hightech jobs and one of the largest high-tech centers in the country.
7. It is now among the fastest-growing cities in the country.
8. one of the "fittest" and healthiest residents of any American city, thanks to its young pop. and convenient location to recreation.
9. Ranked as the "weirdest" cities in the country.
Austin is just downright cool. Not necessarily one of the largest metropolises in the country, but very nice and an excellant quality of life nonetheless.
by krock1dk October 06, 2007
Damn hes hella sexy
Hes gotta smokin hot body(;

Has an amazing dick (perfect size)
Cute funny smart!
Amaziing kisser :D
Great in bedd! ;D
Fun to play with.
Hes great at making me horney haha
hes perfect(;
o and i love him
and he loves me(:
Damn austin fuck me :D
by Oh You Know...Sex April 11, 2011
A sweat yet a person that can piss you off very fast!
Austin K
by Meg. ;) <33 April 04, 2011
the most perfect guy in the world. Typically very attractive, an amazing smile, the greatest laugh, and super hilarious. Austin is normally very athletic and more often than not goes for girls thats names start with A, S, or H (most of the time H though(: ) Easy to fall in love with, the hard part is letting go. VERY difficult to stay mad at, and can make you smile with just a glance. Has amazing eyes.
Austin is Perfect.
by ilovesuperman June 16, 2011
Austin is a guy you'll fall in love with in no time. He seems normal at first, but once you get to know him your life will be changed forever. He's patient, he'll listen to you, and he's one of the best shoulders to cry on. He's got gorgeous green eyes, dark curly brunette hair, and a slimmer build. He's tall, has a large penis, and is a great kisser. He's afraid to text a girl first, thinking he is annoying to everyone.. When little does he know his presence is nice to have around and comforting. Whenever he sees at you, his face will light up because he is so happy you're near. He tells stupid, tacky jokes that makes everyone laugh, because he's simply hilarious. He fucks up quite often, but you need to be patient with him just as he is with you. He won't pressure you into anything and he's willing to wait for you if you just give him a chance. And if you treat him right, you'll get everything you've ever wanted in a guy in return. He'll always be the number one person in your life, and if he currently isn't, he is soon to be.
"Whoa, who's that amazingly good looking spectacular attractive guy in the Aero shirt over there?" "That, my friend, is Austin." ;)
by Austins Main Nigguh April 15, 2013

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