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The best name ever. If you aquired this name you are defined as epic and god-related. If you have this name you are going to be the next actor, the next John Lennon, the Next President (one that actually is awesome), or the creator for the AIDS and Cancer vacine. If your name is something else your considered not as epic as Austin, Since Austin is the capital of Texas. When your the capital of the state that everything is big, then you truely are epic.
Hey, what's your name?!

My name is Austin!

Wow! That name is legendary!
#austin #epic #best name #texas #legendary
by BloodyOps13 November 19, 2009
1. A clan used in Xbox live, made by Europeans for Europeans or EAW for short. It is a non-profitible ogranization.
On Xbox last night I saw EAW

Who's that?

There the Europeans at War!
#europe #cool #awesome #clan #xbox
by BloodyOps13 November 19, 2009
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