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When a lone finger breaks through the toilet paper and comes out covered in fecal matter. Although usually dark, color may very from red to green, tan, white, or purple.
"I can't believe how cheap the bathroom tp is! That is the first aunt jamima I have had since I was a young child."
by Jordan January 04, 2004
The act of pouring maple syrup over genitals, and giving or receiving oral sex immediately afterward.

Flavored syrups are optional.
"Dude, your mom totally made me breakfast with some Aunt Jamima this morning!"
by ThePH December 10, 2009
When you are mad at your girl for not having sex with you. So when she falls asleep you masturbate and cum on her chest. After that, stick the bedsheet on to her chest and when she wakes up it's stuck to the cum and she has an apron like Aunt Jamima. Just the opposite of a Superman.
Yo man, my girl flat passed out on me last night so I gave that hoe da Aunt Jamima...now the beach can use that apron to make my ass breakfast.
by Johnny_B January 02, 2008