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An alcoholic beverage in which a Jello Shot is dropped into a beer, resembeling the fat kid from willy wanka Augustus Gloop drowining in the chocolate. Otherwise known as A Gloops, The Gloop, and Gloops. Invented by Bieber CNB and Duff BNGP.
When You cant stand another saki bomb, drink an Augustus Gloop.
Gulp the Gloop.
"I couldn't get Augustus out of the Gloop, the Jello stuck to the cup.
by Bieber CNB November 11, 2010
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An alcoholic beverage where one drops a jell-o shot into a beer and proceeds to chug the drink down, finishing the drink by slurping the jell-o shot out of the cup.
The party sucked and there were only fugly girls, so we just got trashed on a few Augustus Gloops.
The best part of an Augustus Gloop is the slithery jell-o shot at the bottom of the beer.
by BiebsKX November 10, 2010
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