An acronym for 'All This Life Allows'. ATLA is also the name of Atlanta rapper Stat Quo's 2014 album and the title has the same meaning as this definition.
"Big business, beautiful women, sports, fast cars, nice homes, great food #ATLA"
by KushKloud1986 December 31, 2013
When a man lays his penis on top of someone elses head, or shoulder, usualy from behind in order to cause surprise.
If you are hanging with some dudes, an atlas will lighten up any conversation
by Spencer Mahan December 19, 2005
Mexican soccer team that hasn't won anything since 1745 (1951 to be honest). Plays in Guadalajara.
"Once again, Atlas is out of the tournament, better luck next year"
by joseluismb March 29, 2005
it means at times lick ass
John: Dude u are so not cool
Bob: Dude A.T.L.A
by Tha Kash Man March 17, 2008
When someone falls asleep with their shoes on, you stick your penis right in between their eyebrows and get a photo.
Bro, he was so hammered every gave him at least one atlas that night
by Salatar March 12, 2008
A fat child with no inteligence, who is often picked on and misspells definitions.
My little brother is such an Atlas.
by 6543211366 February 24, 2010
The most 1337 JK2/JKA player you will ever find.

Bow down to him. Now.
I aM a MaP hEaR mE rOaR!1!1!
by Parker Brown December 23, 2003
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