A cool math teacher.

also used to define a hero.
omg. atkinson is so cool.

atkinson is my hero!
by Tommy Math August 26, 2008
Top Definition
A small town of 7,000 in Southern NH. Known affectionately as the "ATK" or the "362" (for its town phone number code) by many. People tend to think that Atkinson is only "rich people" that "drive nice cars and live in huge houses". While that is the case for part of Atkinson... many aren't filthy rich.

There is only one store in town; the Atkinson Village Store.

Also known for the Atkinson Country Club, which attracts many from all over New England. Another reason why people think it's a rich town.

Atkinsonians are those who live in Atkinson.
Atkinson is a small, quaint, exceptional community in Southern NH.
by rbrafdkanf March 29, 2009
A small town in central Nebraska. has about 1200 people living there. Closest city is Omaha. Zip code is 68713
Jane Doe
123 Sherrill Street
68713 Atkinson, NE
by jerbearsgirl March 26, 2011
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