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5 definitions by Sim

An awesome British actor who relies on his hilarious physical comedy.
He is a perfect example of a Rowan Atkinson.
by Sim February 21, 2004
A Janner is someone who comes from Plymouth in England. Since most Americans were sent from Plymouth they could be seen as Janners although they donot have the Janner accent.
Janner accent. Reet buy. Are got escort wiv fat wheel an at.
by sim July 18, 2003
A member of the male species that belongs to a love conspiracy, in which they seduce and you and lead you to believe that they love you, when really they either
A) Are using you
B) Are cheating on you
C) Just want sex
or D) Possibly like you (but extremely rare)
My last "Boyfriend"
by Sim February 08, 2004
N. Refering to one's Inflatable Boobs
I wish I was Britney Spears.
by Sim February 08, 2004
To be irritated, worried, on edge
Why do you get so het up? Cool down!
by Sim August 15, 2003