Science and our so called "facts" are just as unstable as myths and religion, so what can we really be sure about?
who gives a fuck, live your life and get over it.
by dumb cunt May 26, 2003
Definition 1: Someone who does not believe in God(s) and doesn't grasp the concept of religion. Nothing more. Don't believe all the hype about: I think using logic, and I don't believe in ignorance and blah blah blah. It's a phase, a fad, and a bunch of teenage angst.
Person 1: I do not believe in God
Person 2: Oh, so then you're an atheist? :)
Person 2: Yes :)
Person 3: I think logically, rather than base my beliefs on a self-contradicting document which is not just unproven, but is actually disproven by science.
Person 2: Oh, so you're in denial :)
by Detrimental Deity January 14, 2006
A person who believes that no God exists.
Oh, you're an atheist? It's such a pity. I'm hope you enjoy your tenure in hell, being ripped apart for all eternity.
by Lon June 06, 2005
Another term for Hell Bound. Also used as cum buckets by thorn cocked demons.
Thorn cocked demon: I fucked that atheist so hard last night that my unholy ejaculate of white bees actually shot out his mouth

Leather teated hag: Awesome! stick it to that godless heathen.
by Ace McCloud April 11, 2006
A person who does not believe in God for what can only be one of two reasons:

1) They have not been told the truth that God sent his Son, Jesus Christ, down to Earth and sacrificed Him in order to save EVERY SINGLE PERSON to come after Him. They do not know yet that there has been a holy death in order to lift their sins from them and that they can be FORGIVEN eternally if they simply oper their heart to the love of Christ.

For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.
John 3:16

2) They are aware of the truth regarding Christianity and God but are simply too afraid of how to go about "becoming" a Christian or what people will think of them if they do that they brush off religion as "unproven" and prefer to justify every teeny tiny amazing aspect of beauty on this planet as a work of "science" and pretend to feel content.
There is absolutely NOTHING that can fill the emptiness of the human soul completely except for Jesus Christ. DO NOT settle for being an Atheist when there is something truly so much better out there.
by tALOR! (so-not-scene-girl) May 24, 2006
To worship the state,the science,and the self.

To be so certain that there is no god even though their beloved science cannot prove that there is no god.(See;closed minded)
"Who knows what wonders science will be able to one day prove?"

^Hmmm,interesting sentence there isn't it? See; faith

think.....why close the doors on possibilites?

How far would science have gotten if scientists simply thought certain concepts to be too fantastic to be worthy of investigation and just discarded them out-of-hand?

To fully reject the notion that god might exist without even investigating the possibility would be unscientific.

Sound rational?
by Logic March 13, 2005
A dumbass who can't make up their minds of wat to believe in so s/he calls him/herself an "atheist"
hmmm God or budda I DON'T KNO the only way to get by is to become an hmmm atheist

ice cream or pizza damn hard choice i'll be an atheist for now.
by Tara T November 08, 2005

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