An unusual obsession with buttocks, and especially a tendency to visually fixate upon buttocks when out in public, or in other social situations.
"That's the 15th woman today you've stared at too long because she had a nice can, Josh! You're more than just an assman, you've got Assperger's!"
by palabrajot August 15, 2011
Top Definition
A syndrome wherein one lacks social skills, has above average intelligence and is overly disagreeable and pompous. A malignant form of Asperger's syndrome, a spectrum disorder related to autism. A fusion of Asperger and Ass.
Nick Burns, the company computer guy has classic Assperger's syndrome.
by Thomas J. Webb December 25, 2007
A disease acquired by accidentally sitting on one of them new-fangled grills.

(Pronounced: Ass-Bur-gers)
"How was I supposed to know it was a lit grill and not a chair? And now I'm stuck with 'Asspergers!'"
by ClassicCreation July 26, 2009
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