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3 definitions by Thomas J. Webb

A syndrome wherein one lacks social skills, has above average intelligence and is overly disagreeable and pompous. A malignant form of Asperger's syndrome, a spectrum disorder related to autism. A fusion of Asperger and Ass.
Nick Burns, the company computer guy has classic Assperger's syndrome.
by Thomas J. Webb December 25, 2007
To use a graphics editing program (such as photoshop, gimp, quark, paint shop pro, etc.) to alter reality to your liking, esp. to put your arms around someone you couldn't in real life.
guy A: "Dude, check it out. I just saaaðed Jessica Alba in bed with me"
guy B: "you need to get a life"
by Thomas J. Webb October 16, 2007
Cunnilingus. Based on folk etymology thereof.
I gave her cuntalickus and boy was she happy! Just be careful to not give your girl cuntalickus during her period.
by Thomas J. Webb May 24, 2007