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The action of blowing a fart in some poor unsuspecting persons face. Usually by accident.
"I bent over to pick up my books and assinated the poor guy next to me."

"OMG! I just assinated your mom!"
by Mylogylo July 28, 2008
When a person accidentally kills or murders another person by sitting on their face with their ass.
Paul and I are no longer together because during a kinky night of sexing, I accidentally Assinated him.
by Mr Howell December 21, 2014
To twerk on someone until death.
Alex: I'm voting for Trump, wanna know why?
Mel: Because he will get assinated as soon as he steps into office...
by parvnoide July 17, 2016
To assassinate someone through the butt, particularly through vile means.
"I assinated him good, for his butt has become unrecognizable."
by Zileaha July 17, 2015
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