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A small sized or petite butt. considered cute by the posessor of the butt, or people who tend to like small butts
Stop making fun of my asset! Many people find it cute and adorable!
by Cathlexeris May 12, 2011
21 22
A person's body, as in boobs, butt, hips, etc.
Damn, that girl has some nice assets!
by Allie March 21, 2005
188 53
Having a nice set of boobs and a nice ass. This definition is derived from splitting apart the word "asset" to get "ass" and "set".
Dave: "Your sister has nice assets!"
Tim: "Yeah she's going to have back problems one day."
Dave: "And when she falls on her ass, she just bounces back up!"
Tim: "Easy now..."
by M-Sizzle Brindizzle December 29, 2008
93 39
1. Anything owned or is owed to a person, business, company, or group.

2. a CIA assassin
1. a building, car, or money are all examples of assets.
2. an asset was sent to kill john the other day.
by 3242935234 January 27, 2008
82 34
A little miniature donkey.
Mother jackass and her baby asset.
by Geriko1 August 08, 2006
32 51
when your ass is your best attribute, this could also happen by default if your chest is as flat as a wall
erika is very flat but has a large asset so its all good.
by tman March 30, 2005
37 56
Sarcastic slang term used to refer to a particularly ineffective/incompetent female firefighter. Assets are often protected and given false praise because no chief or administrator has the balls to terminate a female who can't do the job.

After years of being sheltered from reality and held to a lower standard than their male couterparts, the assets will often believe the bullshit said about them and develop a false sense of worth. At that point you're stuck with them forever.
The chief told the newspaper that Kathy is a valued asset to the department. What a bunch of bullshit, the stupid twat finds a new way to fuck up at every fire.
by IsThisNameBeingUsed August 27, 2010
4 28