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1. A fictional place created on Saturday Night Live, refering to Beauty and The Beast's castle.
2. A kid thats an asshole, but one so big that you have to use something huge like a castle.
1. Belle: I hope you have fun in your Asscastle!
Beast: How does she know we call it an Asscastle?

2. Samantha: Jeeze, Aaron is such a jerk.
Dorian: I know, right? He's an asscastle.
#ass #ass castle #jerk #mean #asshole
by whatttttttttttttttttttdfasdf November 25, 2010
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When your ass crack sweats and gets all salty and the dry salt leaves a crusty residue.
Hey man, I just went jogging for ten miles. To you want to lick my asscastle.
by Jocko Johnson March 11, 2004
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