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A large clump of feces on your toilet paper when your wipe prematurely.
Man, I just wiped my ass and I had a HUGE assberg!
by The MrEcted One April 07, 2006
A person whose ass is so large it is likened to that of an iceberg, the similarity being that an iceberg has 90 percent of it's volume bellow the surface of the ocean, a person designated as an assberg has 90 percent of their body bellow their waist.
That girls ass is huge--it's an assberg!
by mrdoad November 23, 2007
Someone who is a real asshole underneath it all.
He may flash you a smile, but once you get to know him he's nothing but a titanic assberg.
by ncopernicus September 25, 2015
(n.) when (either on purpose or accident) one poops on top of toilet paper in the toilet. The toilet paper hoists the poop above the surface of the water causing an exponentially greater stink. This technique is often used as a prank by not flushing the fecal matter minutes prior to leaving a friends residence.
Andy folded the toilet paper and placed it in the toilet prior to pooping with the sole intention of floating an assberg. He then left Kelly's apartment without flushing knowing full well that Kelly's new girlfriend would be over soon. The smell would not be beneficial to Kelly's game.
by 80crows April 18, 2011
Adjective and noun used to describe assh*le behaviour, the apparent behaviour being only 10% of what an assberg is actually capable of.
Exclamation: "Wow! What an assh*ole!"

Reply: "Yes, but that's just the tip of the assberg."
by tomzilla saulzilla March 26, 2009
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