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Like a badonkadonk, only smaller.
Wow... her butt is not too big, not too small... it's a nice badonkadink.
by 80crows June 20, 2010
(n.) when (either on purpose or accident) one poops on top of toilet paper in the toilet. The toilet paper hoists the poop above the surface of the water causing an exponentially greater stink. This technique is often used as a prank by not flushing the fecal matter minutes prior to leaving a friends residence.
Andy folded the toilet paper and placed it in the toilet prior to pooping with the sole intention of floating an assberg. He then left Kelly's apartment without flushing knowing full well that Kelly's new girlfriend would be over soon. The smell would not be beneficial to Kelly's game.
by 80crows April 18, 2011
Ear buds for persons with cauliflower ear due to excessive man on man wrastlin'/ huggin'. (The regular ear buds no longer fit in their ear holes, so they must use modified, smaller ear buds to listen to music.)
Peter has such bad cauliflower ear his ear buds won't stay in his ear holes. He had to get some quear buds to listen to his iPod.
by 80crows October 25, 2011
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