the perfect time passer
Dress up like a janitor to gain access to a seedy motel room. Hide out in the bathroom and wait for some pathetic John to call in the local hooker. After he pays for her, but before they start, run out of the bathroom and hit the John with a lead pipe while yelling, "sic semper tyrannis!" Fuck the whore, steal the John's wallet and car and make a dashing escape.
by Marcus Hall January 15, 2004
A character in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.
The Assassin picked up your body, biatch.
by pro-nun-see-A-shun February 25, 2003
The act of hiding in a closet and beating off, while someone is in the room unsuspecting. Then jumping out of the closet and busting all over them.
"Yesterday I assassined this one chick, she didn't even know I was there until after I left"
by Marquis February 26, 2005
Ragnarok Online Job Class, see nerfed
I messed up this MMORPG character so bad, it's as crappy as a Ragnarok Online assassin
by Alexia March 27, 2005
An underpowered homosexual looking job class in the game ragnarok usually played by prideful anti-social whiners who like to think they're the underdog when they're not.
That stupid Assassin stole my pantyhose
by wavee March 27, 2005
the art of shoving someone's butt cheek up their ass.
Joe was behiving badly until I assassined him.
by jim October 24, 2003

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