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3 definitions by JJ3672

1. A kickass movie with Will Smith.

2. In Call of Duty 4, when one holds a live frag grenade in one's hand and charges at the enemy in an attempt to kill both oneself and the opposing soldier(s) in the blast. (does not work with flashbang or smoke grenades)
I was about to knife that noob for a 10-kill streak, but he fucking pulled an "I am legend" before I could kill him.
by JJ3672 January 01, 2008
To challenge the ruling on the field, i.e. call someone out on something that you believe is bullshit.

Derived from the NFL practice of coaches throwing a red flag to request further review of a play and give the network a chance to show 2 more minutes of commercials.
person 1 - My bad on not helping you out, I was working all day yesterday...

person 2 - I'll throw a red flag on that, you told me three days ago that you don't work weekends...

person 1 - Well, yea but...nevermind...
by JJ3672 December 09, 2008
What one must say after punching someone in the back in Halo, generally followed by a quick session of teabagging.
It was 49-49 and I walked up to the laser tower, assassinated the guy charging his laser while exclaiming "assassinator", and teabagged him as the screen faded to black, giving us the victory.
by JJ3672 March 28, 2008