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In Halo, when one player possesses both a Sniper Rifle and a Shotgun. This is particularly good because the Sniper Rifle is one of the best long range weapons, while the Shotgun is arguably the best short-range weapon and definitely the best short-range gun.
And Tim doth declared, "Don't worry guys. I got shotty snipes. It will be alright." And it was so.
by Tremblay March 11, 2008
An extremely sloppy, boring, badly played, overhyped game between the Indianapolis Colts and Chicago Bears. It was played on February 4th, 2007, in Miami, FL. The Colts won 29-17. Peyton Manning was the MVP of the game, even though he only threw for 276 yards and 1 touchdown with an interception.
"Did you see Super Bowl XLI last night?"
"I turned it off after there were about 6 turnovers in the first half."
by Tremblay February 08, 2007
In Halo, when two or more players are idle and therefore not doing anything during the game. Eventually they end up spawning right next to each other. This is good news for the opposing team, who will find these players and kill them for an a few easy kills. Usually happens when a player and his group of guests leave the TV unattended and forget they're playing halo.
"Tim, quick! There's a land of plenty over there, use your rocket launcher and get an overkill!"
by Tremblay March 10, 2008
In Gears of War, when someone shoots you and you fall over, you got killed. When they come over and mash your face in, you just got superkilled.
"Tim! Hurry up, I just got killed and this Kantus is going to superkill me if you don't get over here!"
by Tremblay January 15, 2009
To kill someone wearing 700 lb armor by smacking them with the handle of your gun.
"What the hell, I shot someone in the chest with a sniper rifle and he didn't die, and by the time I could shoot him again someone assassinated me."
by Tremblay September 02, 2008
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