1. (Noun): a person who is hired to kill someone for money
2. (Noun): a person who kills someone because they don't like that person
3. (Proper Noun; Fiction(maybe): A member of an ancient order that is at constant war with the Knights Templar, where the largest battles are highlighted by the game series Assassin's Creed.
The first Assassins were Adam and Eve as reveiled in The Truth

Man 1: will you kill this man for me
Woman 1: yes, for $10,000
John Booth, the assassin that killed Abe Lincon
Kid 1: the Assassin's Creed video game is awesome!
Kid 2: ye it is!
by Airhogs 46736732584327565243 November 28, 2011
1. A contract killer.

2. The best type of girlfriend to have. If you have an assassin girlfriend, you got twice the ass for the price of one.
1. Are you a real assassin? Bill at the office has been bugging me, can you fix that?

2. To get an assassin girlfriend is way better than getting a BOOBY TRAP girlfriend.
by CriticalDesign January 08, 2008
Offends someone over social media.
Victim: *Gasp*
by NikosTheNoob December 23, 2014
Assassin. Lets break it down. we have the three words, ass, ass, and in. What does this mean? It means when two ass's are in something
"Assassin my dick/penis."
by Robo Nerdz Lab June 14, 2016
Stems that infiltrate freshly rolled blunts or joints causing damage by puncturing the leaf and creating a hole, resulting in your friends calling you an amateur
"There's a hole is this blunt! Damn assassins, Johnny you suck at rollin."
by diago delgato November 18, 2007
it is a sex position that involves either the male or female to eat out the other persons ass.
if she is licking his ass hole then he is assassinating her.
by lathen June 16, 2008
Two asses that are in.
Get that assassin, we need three for the party!
by INTERNET H8 MACHINE December 30, 2007
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