Someone who is gay but is afraid to take it in the ass.
“I think my boss George is gay, he’s just too afraid to take it in the ass. Stupid Ass bandit!”
by brethren January 03, 2006
One of "Egg-Head"'s many alias given to him by his students.
"Egg-Head"'s an ass bandit.
by Roze Equinoxx September 29, 2004
Another derogitory term for a homosexual Male, usually used jokingly, or as an insult to someone who is in fact heterosexual
"Freddie over there is such an Ass-Bandit"
by El Toronja May 04, 2006
A derogatory comment used to describe a homosexual who is sexually attracted to male ass.
God, Calvin Klein is such an Ass-Bandit.
by Garren17 May 12, 2009

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