A man who runs around in a thong, cape and shiny mardi gras mask during the night and bones un-suspecting men up the ass. Much of the time, boy scouts.
You have unwittingly pleasured... THE ASS BANDIT!!!!!
by John Milanese June 05, 2006
From the Oxford English Dictionary:

ass ban•dit
noun - vulgar slang (also ass burglar)
1. a male homosexual sodomite or pederast.
2. an eager seducer of young women
1. NAMbLA is composed entirely of ass bandits.
2. Carl, the 40-year-old man with a handlebar mustache and a receding hairline, is a creepy fucking ass bandit.
by lovesmesumcake August 20, 2008
1. derogatory term for a homosexual male, similar to fag
2. a straight man with a predilection for anal sex
3. a person who engages in deliberately nasty, hostile and contentious behavior designed to provoke and intimidate others

-related forms
ass banditry, adverb
1. "God hates ass bandits."
2. "Ew, he's an ass bandit???"
3. "That ass bandit called my mobile seventeen times last night because he knew I was on a date. That kind of ass-banditry is the reason I dumped his sorry ass in the first place."
by Ming Merciless October 27, 2007
a gay male

And its ARSE bandit fools
"Haw, youse uhr total arse bandits by the way an aw that"
by spicymince February 05, 2004
Male who likes male ass. Known as Homosexual Or Fag. Often talks with a lisp.

Do not bend over in close proximity to an ass bandit or you’re in for a goosing. One of their favorite pastimes.

Assbandits do not make good friends. As bandits also like to take it in the rear.
"watch the motherfuck out, there's ASS BANDITS ABOUT!"

by U2rockyoursocks August 27, 2006
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