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to describe a bad joke or to add to a bad joke to redeem to make it funny.
person one: "This guy goes to the same bar every night and every time he goes there, there is this mushroom playing the piano and taking shots of whiskey. So the guy asks the bartender : whats up with that mushroom?"
Person 2: "what did he say?"
Person 1: "Oh he must be a FUNGI.. get it FUN-GUY???"
Person 2: Quickly.. say ass-syrup
by Sabastian Boaz December 26, 2003
Over instant message, request they say it out loud even if people are around.
Patrick: i have a joke.
Patrick: why didn't the fat man fit in the chair?
Sabastian Boaz: why?
Patrick: because he wouldn't .sit his ass down!
Sabastian Boaz: lol that was really bad, you have to say Ass Syrup out loud
Patrick: okay
by Sabastian Boaz January 25, 2004

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