is the action of a turkey entering your exit and gobbling uncontrolably.gobbler of ass brown turkey turkeys revengehole puckererel pavo del culo
ass goblin;if you happend to see a turkey after Thanksgiving while naked in the forest in the middle of a boul movement.
by don poz juan February 25, 2009
A chef whose forte' is tossing salad.
I was looking for oral, but I wasn't expecting an ass goblin
by mijam January 16, 2004
When a person goes down and licks the other person's anal region while they are having sex.
Tom: A man when i was having sex last night and i let that girl lick my butt hole.

Brad: Wow, what an ass goblin.
by shotybounce April 23, 2009
Assgoblins is a term for herpies of the asshole. The pain and sores are cuased by constant bites and sratches of the Assgoblins living in your anal crevice. Some people have intence forms of Assgoblins and some even have a city of Assgoblins in their gluteus maximus hole. Either way, if you suspect to have an Assgoblin or even a village of Assgoblins in your ass crack, then seek medaical attention immediately.
Bob: dude, i think i got a case of assgoblins
Frank: shit son, get that checked. i herd they spred like Paris Hilton's legs.
Bob: ah shit man i dont want assgoblins
Frank: well it looks like ur fucked my friend.
by Asssman February 04, 2008
An Ass Goblin is someone who likes to have anal sex obsessively. Commonly mistaken for Butt Pirate
You are such an Ass Goblin!
by Lovez51 October 21, 2004
Somebody thats a whore and loves ass. Mostly referring to a female. Loves having anal sex
Dude 1: Hey, did you hear bout the new girl?
Dude 2: Yeah. I heard she likes it from the back!
Dude 1: Yeah, dude. She's a total ass goblin.
whore jacquie skank
by numberonegirl March 12, 2009
First of all, have you ever seen your asshole?
If you said no then you may have ass goblins. Ass goblins live in your ass and feed off your crap. They come out everyonce in a while to bite the person behind you(which can be very embarassing). To check if you have ass goblins you need to look at your ass hole and say ASS GOBLINS ASS GOBLINS ASS GOBLINS as loud as you can, and if you have them, they will come out, if not your cool. But for the unlucky ones who do the only way to get them out is to stick amonia up your pooper and swish it around then next time you take a shit, your dead ass goblins will lay there in the toilet.
HOLY SHIT, that guys ass goblin just bit me!
by Vbaby2421 April 20, 2006

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