when you go to eat pussy, but go too far down, then you're ass goblin. *rule of thumb(if your on a bed)your chin should not be touching the mattress...)(if you do then you are definately ass goblin)
mans thoughts "hmm her bat cave seems kinda tight, maybe i went down too far...oh man i hope im not ass goblin"
by chikin skratch October 22, 2005
A very disturbed person who will have an iritable obsetion with goblining peoples ass's. Also known an a 'Bum Bandit'.
"Hey dude can I goblin your ass?"

"No dude."

"Kmon, it's just a litttle goblining."

"Fuck'n, no you stupid Ass Goblin." etc.
by Wha in the shit of all shit? June 28, 2009
a girl who is short in stature and bitchy-er than any other thing you have ever experiance, this little creature also likes to say she likes you and lead you on then never meets you
person A: dud did you hook up with that girl yet

person B: nah she's an ass-goblin
by Brandidit August 29, 2010
What you get when you finally take a crap after 2 weeks without crapping. Plungers Away!!
Man: "I wouldn't go in the bathroom for 25-30 minutes."
Other Man: "Why not?"
Man: "I dropped an assgoblin."
Other man: O_O
by fishslap November 24, 2009
A goblin like creature that lives in your ass.
Beware of the ass goblins.
by Melanie January 09, 2004
someone who likes to dress in a goblin costume and eat other peoples raunchy butt fruit.
My brother, Rex McCallum II, is a full fledged card carrying ass goblin.
by Melonie July 01, 2003
An Ass Goblin is someone that you don't like. It could be used instead of saying the following: Bitch, Whore, Jerk, Dick, Dickhead, asshole, douche, douche bag, etc.
Person: I stole your boyfriend.
You: You fucking ass goblin!
by bonehead wigglebutt October 03, 2010
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