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A grossly obnoxious overcharging for a product that is worth severely less that what you are paying for it.

5 bucks for this can of Arizona Ice Tea!! What an Ass Blasting!
by skotobasilio February 03, 2009
14 5
When a peer, friend, coworker, or nearby person deliberately lifts or spreads their ass cheeks to fart at you or on you.
Does anyone else realize that Mark has been assblasting you?!?!
by greasyginzos March 26, 2013
0 1
to either absolutly destroy someones anal cavity, or to shoot your goo in there
me - herd about the ass blasting last nite toilet chops
rooney - please not again guys, its not funny anymore
me/word user - shut your cock hole, your quite the anal conisouer
rooney - breaks into song ' how could this happen to meee..'
by don glover September 02, 2008
6 7