to spare one of another's misfortune or mistake
josh: (rolling dice) i cant seem to roll a seven!
jenny: gimme it, i can do it!
(after a couple minutes....)
josh: ASPARAGUS, no one can roll a seven...
by ali fricken griswold December 02, 2006
game young women play when working asparagus
ok girls Asparagus game is like strip poker, however you will need remove your pants first....

see mexican poker
by itichie_nocanpo August 10, 2006
( pronounced ASSpah-RAGus ); A catch-all term for any vegetables that you'd rather not eat.
Mom, 'Here, I made a sandwich for you.'
Kid, '....Ick, it's got asparagus in it!!'
Mom, 'It's just lettuce and its good for you. Eat up.'
by YoucancallmeFloyd October 08, 2007
a disgusting vegetable in the form of a puke-green rod. makes you want to throw up in a bowl and drink it. makes pee smell like old people.
asparagus is gross, it makes me feel like brownies...
by stretchman March 15, 2007
CP slang for a young boy's penis.
Pervert: I'd love to put some asparagus in my mouth RIGHT NOW.
Kid: My mommy has some in the freezer...
Pervert: I meant YOUR asparagus, sweetcheeks!
by Baraldo.Jefferson June 01, 2007

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