the sexyiest, funnyies, hottest, cutest guy ALIVE. he is the best in the world. he will protect u from everything and even though he makes mistake u will always find it in ur heart to forgive him by just lookin into his eyes u fall in love with him again
-look at that guy over there
-OMG he must be a ash by the way h looks and talks to those girls over there
-i wish i knew him
by gthehb sadnad August 16, 2008
After Sex Hair
Dude, did you just get done fucking someone, cause you have major ASH
by aldskjfdf July 14, 2008
the cricket competion between england and australia which has been going on for many years. First started when one of the team burnt the bails, and now is one of the biggest contests in test cricket.
England have amazingly won the ashes
by Samiru August 17, 2006
(verb) the act of flicking or tapping ashes from the end of a cigarette
"Don't ash on me" "I need to ash my cigarette"
by Dulcynea November 14, 2007
Dead, dried up skin; typically an insult.
"Them chickens is ash and I'm lotion." - Mariah Carey (It's Like That)
by Richard March 05, 2005
A Great guy, always there for his friends and family. Never fails to makes his mates laugh. Always good fun and up for a bit of trouble. Gets angry when people say he has a girls name but cant really do anything about it.
by Hitem13 May 07, 2010
To ash is to delete and completely restart an assignment/task in the hopes of improving on the previous body of work.
"Last night I did an ash on my English essay"

"I heard Jimmy ashed his physics prac...what an idiot"

"I really want to ash this assignment"
by Crackers! March 31, 2009

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