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Ass, Sexy, Ass (asa)
you can call your self that. If your name is asa.
by julian.chapdelaine March 04, 2006
awkward sexual advances

usually made by a horny boy to a girl that is semi interested
Girl: me and tom were having a great date untill he tried to finger me in the movie theatre

Friend: haha..that was a total A.S.A!!!!!!
by koolcid July 24, 2009
Short for 'awesome' and inspired by cartman. ASA is pronounced 'ahh-saaa' ... kinda like a retard would say it. ASA is also shortened for use in text messages and IMs. ASA can also be spelled lower-case (i.e. asa)

synonyms: great, excellent, impressive, fascinating, incredible, marvelous, shocking, stunning, surprising, unbelievable, wonderful, breathtaking.
That donkey show was fucking ASA!

Want to go smoke some of that ASA chronic you just got in the mail?
by travsb14 July 28, 2010
Film speed rating. (American Standards Association)
All-purpose film is 400 ASA.
by audiozer0 April 14, 2004
Another name for the common drug Tylenol.
Guy "I think im having a heart attack?"

Woman "oh I better grab the ASA!"

Guy "oh thanks, I am sure I will feel better in a few min."

Woman "No you won't, I just gave you Cyanide."
by BlitzK22 August 26, 2008
Awkward Sexual Advances
Drunken girl w/ hand on your knee: Im having a party for 2 at my place. You are invited.

You: Um.... your drunk.

Drunk Girl: Your Sexy. Lets have sex. I like sexy time time with you.

You avoid eye contact and try to escape her ASA
by joeymaree January 18, 2009
someone that thinks they're a BOSS
ASA acronym for Anti someone Alliance
sam thinks he is a BOSS, wanna join my crew ASA ?
(Anti Sam Alliance)
by she's a cunt September 08, 2010