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In middle-eastern and Eastern Europe countries and namely Egypt, the word is derived from the notion peace. However it is a family name given back in the dark ages to the "Sallam" family because they had the biggest cocks by which everyone was subservient to it. That way they maintained peace in the region, thanks to their big cocks not their diplomatic skills.
All decedents of the family have the biggest penis around.
During a war...
Country A: Surrender Jerusalem before I destroy you with my mighty Army!!
Country B: I dare you!!!

Sallam family in the middle of the dispute...
You both never think of war or else We'll Squash YOU ALL with our MIGHTY DICKS!!!
Country A and B: we're sorry pleaaaaaaassssee don't we will do anything, but not your humongous penis!!!
Sallam: no war.
Both alright, never.
Sallam: Bitches.
by El Zabeer April 26, 2011

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