Aspen Stoners Accosiation

the group of high school/college and other young adults who live in Aspen, Colorado and who are stoners.

They smoke a lot of marijuana, any one belonging to ASA most likely smokes ganj every single day.
Reppin' ASA. Jah rastafari
by mary jane 92 December 26, 2007
Acronym short for Asterisk sigh asterisk, or *sigh*. Can be said instead of actually exhaling, but more suitably used in online chat rooms.
Guy A:I just paid $50 for something I just found out is worth $10. Fuck!
by andyrb10 June 23, 2009
Somkebody who has hooked up with 92% of his female peers; a manwhore. Especially attentive to those in middle school.
"He is such an Asa, sleeping with all of those eighth graders."
by Anonymous June 01, 2003
A gimpy litlle mother fucker who hits on all the girls and leaves none for me that rotten scumbag.
Asa stole the love of my life, Hallie. You son of a bitch. (Tiffer)
by Tiffer Hansen May 28, 2004
1. a tool

2. man whore

3. one who tries to hook-up with his "friends" girlfriends, by guilt, but ends up epically failing.

Also known as "Dougin'"
1. "Do you see the way that guy is dressed?"

"Yeah, he's such an Asa."

2. "That guy has tried to hook up with half the girls in our school."

"Yeah, he's being an Asa."

3. "Dude, that guy is trying to Asa my girlfriend right now. What the fuck?"
by Steezmaster McSteez July 07, 2009
A complete douche bag that does not know how to respect girls and thinks that love is just a game and your heart is a cheap toy that can be replaced if broken. This person is all about playing the game and gets pissed if he loses. This person cannot be trusted and is one you do not want to rely on and if you do, well, good luck with that..
a person named Asa
by *LoNeR* May 02, 2010
anonym exposing a certain club in southwest louisiana called Ape Suit Army
yea! that's right #@$^#! I got my ape suit on! ASA mofucko!
by T Gizzle April 03, 2006

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