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The most powerful Pokémon ever, said to be the creator of them all.
I just caught Arseus!
by Johans October 06, 2006
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Arseus (also known as "Mr. McBroken", "wtf hax11!!!", and "Pokemon number four-hundred and WHAT!?!?!") is the last Pokemon of the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, or fourth-generation list of Pokemon. Arseus looks sort of like an organic, freaky-looking deer, with what appears to be a golden wheel encircling its silver body. Nintendo describes Arseus as the God of Pokemon. There is only one and can be found at level 80, making it the most powerful wild Pokemon to date.

Because of this, and the facts that Arseus can learn almost every move and that its stats are considerably higher than any other Pokemon's, Arseus has gotten the nicknames listed above, due to the assumed fact that if you ever fight a trained Arseus, you have an apparent 4.03712% chance of NOT getting your ass raped harder than Ricky Martin in a Russian prison.
<Trainer 1>: ARSEUS, I CHOOSE YOU!!!
<Trainer 2>: WTF?!?! Nuh-uh, motherfucker, GTFO!!
<T. 1>: What?
<T. 2>: You heard me, bitch. Put that shit away, you made yo point.
<T. 1>: GO ARSEUS...
<T. 2>: WHAT!?!??!
<T. 1>: ATTACK WITH...
<T. 2>: Aw sweet Jesus, what the fu-
<T. 1>: TACKLE!!!
<T. 2>: AAAAHH- wait, what?
by Scyen March 08, 2007
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A weird looking uber from the Pokemon diamond and pearl games. It has 120 in all stats and can be any type. It will surely be used and bragged about by 12 year old boys on Pokemon fan forums who most likely gave it a crappy moveset anyway.
Arseus is an example of the declining creativity of the Pokemon series.
by Speedycat December 27, 2006
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by tron December 13, 2003
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