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Unpleasant mixture of itching and sweat when the improperly wiped arse is left to ripen in a high temperature, probably on a car or office seat.
"No, I've got to stop at the Little Chef. I've got arsegoblins"
by fishbear April 04, 2003
16 6
The sweaty and moist deposits that generate in the vicinity near your ass and taint that create a gamey feeling.
Man, Mark's arsegoblins were so ripe he had to stop in Wendy's parking lot and give himelf a courtesy wipe with some napkins.
by Himbe88 May 17, 2004
2 7
wombat, yoralla cunt, fooly sik re deejay

see also shitcunt
wombat, u are an arse goblin
by yo mumma January 19, 2004
4 13