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Unpleasant mixture of itching and sweat when the improperly wiped arse is left to ripen in a high temperature, probably on a car or office seat.
"No, I've got to stop at the Little Chef. I've got arsegoblins"
by fishbear April 04, 2003
The sweaty and moist deposits that generate in the vicinity near your ass and taint that create a gamey feeling.
Man, Mark's arsegoblins were so ripe he had to stop in Wendy's parking lot and give himelf a courtesy wipe with some napkins.
by Himbe88 May 17, 2004
wombat, yoralla cunt, fooly sik re deejay

see also shitcunt
wombat, u are an arse goblin
by yo mumma January 19, 2004
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