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An ineffectual and annoying little git, usually full of self importance and short on penis.
"Ignore the little tosscock"
by fishbear April 04, 2003
Unpleasant mixture of itching and sweat when the improperly wiped arse is left to ripen in a high temperature, probably on a car or office seat.
"No, I've got to stop at the Little Chef. I've got arsegoblins"
by fishbear April 04, 2003
An unpleasant (and much handled by the owner) unwashed penis.
"I'm not coming out tonight Mum, I'm having an evening in playing with my stinky toy"
by fishbear April 04, 2003
An overactive, small-proportioned homosexual gentleman who will launch at anything in sight.
"That chap in the corner is a proper little bungmonkey. Look at him go!"
by fishbear April 04, 2003
Someone who always requires services or goods for free, or never buys a drink. Literally a 'chiselling cunt'
"Look at him avoiding the bar again the little chunt"
by fishbear April 04, 2003
A word compounded by the words "glad" and "happy," used to express the feeling of either, or an especially intense feeling of gladness and/or happiness.
Mason was so glappy when Sara agreed to be his girlfriend, he nearly freaked.
by FishBear May 10, 2006

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