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The Arstechnica.com gaming community. Friendliest place on the net to go for all your online gaming and social interaction needs.

Signified in the gaming world by the user tag Ars.
If you want to play CS, go to Arsclan, their servers roxorz your boxorz...
by Anonymous March 12, 2003

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User friendly gaming server, forums and most importantly, community.
Sw!ft: Hey, whats up? Want to go play CS?

Jokyr: Sure, wanna play in Ars?
Sw!ft: No doubt
by Anonymous March 16, 2003
Arsclan is the gaming branch of the Internet Forum Arstechnica.com.
Arsclan is not a clan, but a gaming community.
by Anonymous March 17, 2003
Arsclan knows Drama

TheZy: guys we really didnt need the drama tonight really
Mole: lol
fuzz: hell yeah we do
by Mole July 22, 2004
A place to be an overdramatic asshole.
innocentperson: *says something innocent*

fuzz: grr I don't agree with that *vulgarity and/or insults*

*fuzz bans innocent person
by Chongi July 22, 2004