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A legend among men and women, confident and funny, smart and intelligent. A people person
"Arron is cool - why can't i be more like him?"
by Anonymous August 20, 2003
A really nice guy who has a good personality and a nice body, is good at kissing. Doesn't really care about what anyone else thinks of him.

•street smart
Omg Arron is beautiful
by Anonymous May 08, 2014
The best looking boy in the whole entire world. His eyes are like diamonds and every body get stunned just seeing him. His autograph is worth more than millions of dollars
Oh my goodness! Is that Arron!
by angelina pham September 04, 2014
A cool white guy that always wears a phedora. and has a best friend named Brandon. Thinks hes a werewolf. and has a very cute girl friend. found in the eastern part of america
hehe my names arron arrrooooo
by xxLycanthropexx January 20, 2011
Arrons : term for the hips of a woman. Generally used for women with an hour glass figure. The female in question must have a beautiful ass. If ass is not sufficiently sexy then the term arrons is not applicable. The term should be used as if the arrons in question are owned by you and not the wearer. E.g. Give me my arrons over here baby, i'm gonna use that ass!!
Barry: get your fucking hands off my arrons, derek you dick!
Derek: turn it in baz they're not arrons have you seen her arse.

Example 2. John grabbed his arrons and gave her bottom half a good hiding.
by Chilli martinez November 28, 2009
a fat gay douch that likes to take it up the bum
my name is Arron but im not fat or gay, hmm maybe i need to change my name.

wow is your name arron your well fat!
by pukka kid October 15, 2010
yer woteva, thats wat he likes to think he is! 5739745523860462 he's really just a pink telescope who wants to stick a pencil up ure nose! O and he also wears a sexy hat on very 'special' occasions
Do u wanna dance?
by Sexy November 16, 2003

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